Epson Stylus DX4250 Reset Tool

Digital printing is one of the tools of digital content in the digital world. And digital printing requires a digital printer. Epson is one of the most popular printer companies in the world. Epson’s various models of printers have already become quite popular by marketing. The quality of the Epson Stylus DX4250 printer is 100 % good. If you buy a printer for use in the office or at home, you can use it effortlessly for 4-5 years without any problem. If you take care of your printer, you can use it longer. There is no problem with the printers, but after printing 5000 copies, one of the problems is the end of life. A printer’s ink pad is at the end of its service life. Please contact Epson Support. And the way to understand if there is an end of life problem is to turn on all the lights of the printer at once. And you don’t have to go anywhere to solve this problem. You can solve this problem with a small software, the name of the software is the Epson Adjustment Program. If you want, you can solve the problem by following the usage rules given below

How To Reset Inkpad Using Epson Adjustment Program / Epson Resetter Tool

  1. Download Epson Adjustment Program
  2. Extract the downloaded file.
  3. Open the extracted folder and run “Adjprog.exe” on your Windows desktop or laptop.
  4. Click on “Select” which is located just below the EPSON Adjustment Program heading.
  5. Click on “Select” which is located just below the EPSON Adjustment Program heading.
  6. Click on “Particular adjustment mode“.
  7. Under Maintenance, select “Waste ink pad counter” and then click on “OK“.
  8. Now, select the “Main pad counter” on the checkbox, then click on “Check” and then on “Initialize“.
  9. Now, click on “Finish” and then close the EPSON Adjustment Program.
  10. Now, turn off your printer and then turn on back. That’s all.

How To Recognize Printer’s Waste Ink Pad Counter Overflow Error? The following are the two circumstances that will assist you with recognizing whether your printer needs to get an ink pad to reset: There is constant exchanging bilking of red light on your printer. Your PC or PC shows a blunder message, “A part inside your printer is at the end of its service life.”

The Maintenance Reset Utility was at that point utilized on your item. The Maintenance Reset Utility can’t be utilized again so as to guarantee the best possible activity of our gadgets to limit the dangers of property harm or individual injury. Most customers who are out of guarantee choose to supplant the printer since substitution of ink cushions may not be wise speculation for lower-cost printers. As a rule, when this message happens, the printer’s different parts likewise might be close to the finish of usable life. In the event that you need to keep utilizing the printer, Epson prescribes having the printer adjusted at an Epson Authorized Customer Care Center.


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