Forbidden to skip shaking the printer cartridge

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In the event you skip shaking the printer cartridge, chances are you’ll be harming your self.

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The printer is about to expire of ink, which can trigger the print to be blurred and unpleasant. And extra importantly, the printing job shall be interrupted as a result of it takes time to attend for the technician to refill the ink. Nonetheless, throughout that ready interval, customers can absolutely reap the benefits of the remaining ink to proceed printing, however the print continues to be stunning with out being interrupted. So what is the answer?

Shake the printer cartridge when the printer is about to expire of ink

(Be aware: This answer solely applies to standard black and white laser printers)

Nearly each printer has a warning about low ink, however in the event you overlook this or you want to print a doc urgently, you may fully shake the printer cartridge.

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This is not going to hurt the printer, however will make it easier to print various paperwork, about 100 pages at a time.

Toner Cartridge Shake Operation

  1. Open the printer door
  2. Gently take away the toner cartridge from the machine
  3. Unfold an A4 sheet of paper beneath to catch the ink if ink falls out
  4. Rotate the cartridge in order that the ink is evenly distributed within the cavity.
  5. After shaking 2-Three instances, put it again within the machine and proceed printing.

Be aware when shaking the toner cartridge

  • Don’t shake too vigorously, don’t clap your palms or hit arduous objects towards the toner cartridge
  • Don’t elevate the toner cartridge too excessive, don’t shake it within the wind
  • The ink cartridge could be shaken many instances, but when the following shakes are blurry, you must pause to refill the printer ink.
  • If the toner cartridge is shaken and the ink falls out an excessive amount of, it needs to be checked as a result of the cartridge could also be too outdated and must be changed.

Above is find out how to shake the ink cartridge in order that the printer can proceed printing. Nonetheless, it’s only a brief answer to keep away from interruption of printing. Due to this fact, in the long term, you continue to must name a mechanic to change printer’s ink to make the machine work most effectively.

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