HP printer cartridge configuration

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HP printer cartridges are composed of 5 foremost elements: drum, rubber shaft, ink wiper, magnetic shaft, magnetic wiper. Every division has totally different duties and actions.

HP printer cartridge configuration

Printer cartridges of various manufacturers may have totally different buildings. This episode, we’ll assist you to study extra about HP cartridges in order that issues will be detected and printer restore well timed.

HP printer cartridge parts

There are 5 foremost parts that make up an HP printer cartridge. The next are the results and rules of motion of the substances:

1.Drum (Drum)

empty HP printer cartridge

The drum is an integral a part of HP printer cartridges. It determines whether or not the print high quality is dangerous or good, blurry or sharp… Due to this fact, when the print high quality is poor, you have to test the drum first. The precept of operation of the drum is to obtain a sign from the print information within the laptop and print it on paper because it passes.

2. Rubber shaft

The rubber shaft has the principle process of creating a rack and rolling paper to the Drum. Rubber shafts hardly ever encounter issues. Nonetheless, whether it is broken or defective it might trigger printer issues resembling paper jams, semi-black prints, partial blacks, cyclic blacks, or complete blacks.

3. Ink wiper (giant wiper)

Large magnetic wiper HP printer cartridge

Used to take away extra ink from the Drum into the machine’s waste ink tray. In case the print is discovered to have stripes (small, bars) from the highest, black streaks throughout the print, it could be because of chipped or worn blade.

4. Magnetic column

HP printer cartridge magnetic shaft

The magnetic shaft additionally performs an necessary position within the development of the cartridge. It’s answerable for sucking ink up from the cartridge and rolling it into the Drum. Just like the rubber shaft, the magnetic shaft additionally hardly ever fails. No matter scratches or put on, the magnetic shaft can nonetheless be used usually. 5. Sweep phrases (small swipes)

Remove from small HP printer cartridges

The magnetic wiper has the impact of retaining ink just for the magnetic shaft to suck up a enough and needed quantity of ink for the print to stop the printing from being too daring or too dim. The phenomenon of the print showing giant black streaks, darkish black streaks from the highest down, the blade is unquestionably weak and must be changed instantly.

Equipment included with HP printer cartridges

  • Cartridge holder spring (HP 12 A cartridge). This element has the impact of pulling the two elements of the cartridge collectively. If the spring is lacking, the print shall be blurred or half white.
  • Spring beneath the rubber shaft base: If the entire print is black, it’s attainable that the spring beneath the rubber shaft base is misaligned or defective.
  • Two items of skinny plastic caps on the ends of the magnetic shaft. This element is answerable for protecting and stopping ink from smearing on the sides of the print.
  • The spring on the different finish of the magnetic shaft has a cyclic impact to assist the magnetic shaft rotate evenly, with out deviating the rotation. If this spring is damaged or broken, the print shall be smeared or white.

Manipulate toner cartridge parts to refill HP printer ink

remove HP printer cartridge components

Upon getting an intensive understanding of the construction of the HP printer cartridge, you may take away the cartridge parts to printer ink refill simply by following these directions: (Be aware: The operation is carried out pattern on 15 A cartridge)

  1. Open the cartridge cowl by lifting the facet with the spring up.
  2. Slide the drum guard to the proper to take away the duvet.
  3. Take away the toner cartridge 2-part latch.
  4. Separate the ink cartridge into 2 elements.
  5. Take away the drum retaining cap (Drum).
  6. Take away the charged shaft (PCR) and clear it with a gentle fabric.
  7. Take away the lever.
  8. Empty the waste ink within the tray and clear it after which reinstall the wiper.
  9. Test the two plastic items holding the charged shaft for put on. If too worn, it ought to be changed. Then reattach the charged shaft.
  10. Mount Drum.

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